Basilic Fly VFX Studio is HIRING!!

Basilic Fly VFX Studio is HIRING!!

Basilic Fly Studio (BFS), a 400+ artists strong visual effects company has openings in Roto, Paint, Matchmove & Rotomation department. The studio, which is headquartered in Chennai and has existing studios in Pune, Vancouver, and London, will open a new full pipeline studio in Hyderabad in the first quarter of 2023. To accommodate rapid growth, BFS is calling artists at all levels – Junior, Mid, and Senior. The studio is working on projects of all shapes and sizes, including feature films, episodic & commercials. Their most recent work can be seen in Avatar: The Way of Water, arguably one of the grand visual spectacles.

Interested artists can send their resumes to or call 6380289538; or 7604988284. Openings are based in Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad. Checkout More Information: Website

About Basilic Fly Studio

Basilic Fly Studio (BFS) was bootstrapped in 2011.
Its founding team is a boiling pot. It contains VFX artists, tech evangelists, and producers. What’s common in them is a passion to create and support client needs well, and on time. It is this common passion that leads to beautiful imagery; it makes clients see what they envisioned in their minds.

Before launching BFS, each founder worked for coveted brands i.e., studios. They were designing, delivering, and working on shots, commercials, and TV shows. The team’s eyes are rather small. But its dreams and vision remain big. And getting bigger day by day!

The team started with a focus on little things. But the dreams and vision remain big, only getting bigger day by day

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