Join Our Team at PhantomFX: Exciting Career Opportunities Await!

Join Our Team at PhantomFX: Exciting Career Opportunities Await!

Phantom FX is hiring in Chennai!

Job Description

1, Production Coordinator:

Experience: 4+ years

Role: Responsible for coordinating various aspects of production, such as scheduling, resource allocation, and communication between different teams.

2, Compositor (Senior):

Experience: 5+ years

Role: This role typically involves working on visual effects and post-production, combining various visual elements to create a cohesive final product.

3, Full Stack Developer (Junior):

Experience: 2+ years

Role: Responsible for both front-end and back-end development, creating and maintaining web applications or software systems.


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About PhantomFX

PhantomFX is one of the fast-growing VFX Studios in India, offering creative VFX services to production houses across the globe.

PhantomFX has branches in Chennai and Mumbai with administrative offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Dubai. PhantomFX provides VFX support to films, commercials, and independent movies. PhantomFX’s robust pipeline helps filmmakers bring life to their passion projects, and the team works efficiently to produce the industry’s best quality of work.

In 2011, Bejoy established PhantomFX with just a 4 person team and has now grown to a prolific studio of over 500 employees in Chennai and Mumbai. PhantomFX is expanding its territories by setting up administrative offices in the United States, Canada, and Dubai. 

PhantomFX’s CEO, Bejoy, has more than 200 domestic and international feature films under his belt. He has been in charge of visual effects for projects “Beast”, “Vikram” “The Little Mermaid,” “Vishwaroopam 2”,  “Indru Netru Naalai,” and “Seema Raja.” Bejoy was elected as a board manager for VES’ India section in May 2017. He continues to concentrate on providing unparalleled visual effects support to PhantomFX’s numerous clients and production partners. 

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