Christmas was celebrated with great pomp and gaiety at Basilic Fly Studio.

Christmas was celebrated with great pomp and gaiety at Basilic Fly Studio.

Basilic Fly Studio celebrated Christmas with pomp and Gaiety

Christmas brings cheer and love & it was evident at Basilic Fly Studio when they celebrated the joyous festival for the most part of December.

The studio had a big reason to celebrate at this year’s holiday party. The growing visual effects company reached new heights by opening a new facility in Pune and moving to a bigger space in Chennai. And further expansion plans are in full swing.

In the spirit of Christmas, they hosted a series of events across both facilities (Chennai and Pune), bringing artists together to connect and have a great time.

Secret Santa

This ‘gift exchange game’ was full of laughter and fun. Although some tasks were embarrassing, the VFX artists took the challenge like champs. And the best part is, fellowship and camaraderie were on high display.

Rejoice ’22

Rejoice is BFS’ tradition for Christmas, honoring the joy of giving. This year, the studio visited ”Akshaya trust, Mudichur” and made elderly loved ones feel special and loved.

Bay decoration contest

This added additional festive vibes. Artists turned on their creative mode and let out their creativity. Five teams – Roto, Paint / Prep, Matchmove, Comp & Production wrapped the entire space with glowing lanterns, lights, bells, foam beads, etc.

BFS adorned the festive season with great zeal.

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