Women’s Day Interview with- Rukhsar Badi – Texturing and Lookdev artist

Women’s Day Interview with- Rukhsar Badi – Texturing and Lookdev artist

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello! My name Is Rukhsar Badi and I am currently working as a 3D artist in the entertainment industry. I have been working in the texturing department for movies and video games for the last 2.5 years. I have completed specialized in 3D animation.

What inspired you to step into the Animation Industry?

Well! I have been watching animated movies and playing video games since my early childhood. So, they have always been an inspiration to me to pursue the knowledge of art behind making any movies and video games and dive down deeper to understand the technical and artistic concepts revolving around the gaming and movie Industry. They have been an extensive source of attraction and helped me out to build my career path in this field. And yes, for sure I have made an astounding choice 🙂

Challenges and experiences in your early years, and would you like to share some of your memories Faced?

During my academic life, I specialized in 3d animation. I have created a few 3d animation short films and won awards for them but that wasn’t enough for me. But something was really missing in my satisfaction bucket! I wanted to do something else rather than animation. After completing my study I started exploring modelling, texturing, and lighting areas apart from animation. That was the point I realized, that texturing is what I have always been interested in. So before giving a kick start to my Job I started looking out for some tutorials online just to make sure I land up with an abundant amount of knowledge before I start out with my Job!

04.  What are your greatest achievements in the 3D Industry?

I am still at the early age of my career growth. Every new project I worked on or provided my skillset for assistance has turned out to be my greatest of the greatest of achievements. But so far, the one that is captured in my mind and heart is the time when I saw my work and Name (credit) on the cinema’s big screen for the movie, “Dr. Do Little”. Trust me, that has flipped out as an immense motivation to work more and more hard to achieve more desired goals.

Who are your inspiration women in the 3D industry, why?

Every woman ahead of me in this industry is an inspiration for me. But if I talk about the one from whom I have got the immense inspiration to chase my goals is Jasmin Habezai-Fekri. Without any doubt, she is a highly motivated and passionate woman in the gaming industry making a remarkable record with her work.

06. Women in the VFX/ 3D industry?

It’s been only 2.5 years I have been working in this industry; therefore, I cannot comment much but one thing that I have noticed, that the female ratio in this particular industry is quite less than that of male artists. But as far as I am noticing in the growing era, I can get a hold of understanding that many women artists are surpassing this dominant ratio and overcoming all the achievements and making a remarkable record.

07. Challenges for women in the VFX/ 3D Industry?

Sometimes Working hours can be quite uncertain in this industry. In my opinion, if you are passionate and dedicated about your work, you will be able to cross every hurdle and challenge in this industry. If you have a positive learner attitude and give immense dedication towards extreme experimentation, you will be recognized by a lot of reputed artists and the audience.

08. Any memorable shows you wish to share your experiences?

When I stepped into my workplace (MPC Films) for the first time, I realized there was a tremendous amount of technical & related stuff I wasn’t aware of. After the completion of my training, I was routed to “Dr. DO LITTLE”. That was the first hands-on project of my life where I came across a real-world industry. That was quite challenging for me. But my supervisor & colleagues were very supportive. Eventually, I ended up learning a lot of things from my colleagues and seniors and applied them in my work. Yeah… the outcomes were commendable 🙂

09. How do you feel comfortable in the 3D Industry?

I really don’t like to stay up in my comfort zone all the time. I happily accept challenges and conquer each and every obstacle that comes around. I try to use the best of my knowledge in my production hours and try to take up challenges and make sure I get through them hassle-free.

10. Any advice for Upcoming Women 3D artists?

Well, you all are already going great 😀 and touching the skies with success. I am experiencing one thing that you should focus on your personal development as much as your workplace work. Try to learn as much as you can from your office work and implement that in your personal work. After office hours, spend time creating your personal art and building up a better portfolio. Create your own art that will help you to create your recognition in this world.

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY to all the women out there 🙂

Ritto prabu – Thank you Rukhsar Badi for sharing your story with us we wish you all best for your upcoming plans. Happy Women’s Day

Rukhsar Badi – Thank you so much Ritto for inviting me

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