Women’s Day Interview with- Yekaterina Khayrullina Producer -Andrey Demchenko Production -Russia

Women’s Day Interview with- Yekaterina Khayrullina Producer -AndreyDemchenko Production -Russia

can you introduce yourself?

My name is Kate, I’m 32 years old, I’m from Russia. I’m a producer in ADP-media from Ufa (capital of Bashkortostan, where lives more 1 million people)

What inspired you to step into the Film Industry?

I was makeup artist on the TV, before I met my husband and he changed my life. He sad that I have so many skills to be producer and that why I have tried myself on that profession and have my first success.

challenges and experiences in your early years, and would you like to share some of your memories? faced?

At the first moment I think that I can’t do anything and I had many mistakes. And I was also bad at negotiating. But after time and lots and lots of practice I was starting to get it.

What are your greatest achievements in Industry?

Now I can say that I one of small number women in Ufa who works as a producer.

who is your inspiration Women in the Media / Film industry why?

 I’m not inspired by only women but by talented people. If I choose from talented women I would highlight Oprah Winfrey and Maryl Streep: talented, elegant, and purposeful, but still feminine.

challenges for women in the Media/ Film  Industry?

The main challenge for me is the disparaging attitude of men towards women. This is a real problem in negotiations.

Any memorable shows you wish to share your experiences?

Oprah’s show, Sherlock on BBC, and many shows on National Geographic (the last one I saw “Europe from above”)

How you feel comfortable in the Film Industry?

Now I think I have enough connections to make me feel comfortable in my profession.

Any advice for Upcoming Women Media / Film artists?

Do not be afraid of anything and move towards your dream. If someone told you that you are stupid or don’t understand anything – don’t be upset and don’t be angry, but smile sweetly and give this person a compliment)

Ritto Prabu – Thank you Yekaterina Khayrullina for sharing your story with us our best wishes to succeed a lot in your career Happy Women’s Day

Yekaterina Khayrullina – Thank you Ritto for giving me an opportunity to share my story over here

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