Women’s Day interview with  Shivani Vishwakarma – Line Producer at 88 Pictures

Women’s Day interview with Shivani Vishwakarma – Line Producer at 88 Pictures

Women’s Day interview with Shivani Vishwakarma – Line Producer at 88 Pictures

Can you introduce yourself?

– Hello, myself Shivani Vishwakarma. I grew up in the Steel city of central India Bhilai (Chhattisgarh) and I am pretty sure the city has made me tough just like its name. I have got a Masters’s degree in Electronic Media from Mumbai University. Right now I am positioned as a Line Producer in the 88 Pictures. I have been working in the CG/VFX industry for the last 7 years with many companies like Prime focus & Trace Vfx.

What inspired you to step into the Production?

– I joined the CG industry as an intern and never knew that I will start living this life. But one thing for sure I knew that I will work where I can Communicate, Manage & Organize. This profile also teaches you to become a good leader and we all know that there is no place which can run without a leader. Production comes with zillion other things to do but you happily go ahead and marry the one when it’s a match. 🙂

Challenges and experiences in your early years, and would you like to share some of your memories faced?

The very first challenge which many people will relate to is when they start working, it becomes difficult to make their friends & family understand what exactly you do. Because everyone sees the 2-3 hour film or any daily soap but hardly anyone is bothered to know that there are many hands behind this creation other than actor, director or producer.

Initially I was a short tempered production & it’s very easy for people like me to lose their patience. Once someone gave me advice that this industry will always act like a storm but we need to make sure to stand strong in the middle of it. 

What are your greatest achievements in the VFX/3D Industry?

While working with my current company 88 pictures, I have worked on a Dreamworks series Trollhunters which I feel till now is my greatest achievement.

Who is your inspiration (women) in the industry, why?

 I feel it’s not necessary to have one inspiration, I get inspired by every woman at work. Women have no retirement age because if not a CEO after 60 then also she will be a homemaker. We get inspired by our own life challenges.

Women in the VFX/ 3D industry?

– Whenever I see a ratio of 10:3 in our industry, it makes me think that how can we make this place more women friendly. Industry is going to be the same for everyone but it depends on us to make the workplace which encourages women to make strong work-life decisions.

Challenges for women in the Production / Management?

Women need to voice out even if they are the only female in a room full of male leaders. We need to groom more women into leadership positions. Companies now a days seek for female leadership into consideration, now is a good opportunity to shine. Also, the same effort need to go from our end as well to make companies believe that they will get the same output no matter man or women.

It’s a tough road but no one ever said that you can achieve your dreams without failing.

Any memorable shows you wish to share your experiences with?

My very first Lego show will always be memorable because I have great memories working with my Mentor. In my second year of career, once I created a mess in one of the important document and was confused on how to fix it. My mentor then came and cleared all my sheet. I was about to cry, but then he said that now you can restart with clear mind and new ideas.

That was a big learning. When in chaos, take a step back and think again on your next step.

How do you feel comfortable in a Line producer?

 Feeling comfortable leads to a point where people no more want to move ahead or change. If I ever start feeling comfortable then I immediately take up new responsibilities or ask for more. Being a Line producer is a job with your plate overflowing. But that’s what keep me on my toes.

Any advice for Upcoming Women into Production?

Be ready to grab the opportunities even if it’s not coming your way. Just go and run out of your lane to get that.

Ritto prabu – Thank you Shivani Vishwakarma for sharing your story with us our best wishes to success lot in your VFX Journey

Shivani Vishwakarma – Thank you Ritto For inviting

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