HaloHues VFX Studios is HIRING!!

HaloHues VFX Studios is HIRING!!

HaloHues Studios provides Visual Effects and Animation services for diverse industries including media and entertainment, advertising, education, e-commerce, healthcare, infrastructure, and engineering.

HaloHues Studios is TPN-certified creative CG studio.The studio specializes in VFX and animation for feature, episodic, and advertising, VFX services for film stretch from pre-production to on-set supervision, and post-production. The Studio also provides Animation services for films, gaming, and other-non-entertainment spheres.


HaloHues VFX, Animation and Motion Graphics services include 3D Animation, Concept Art, Pre-Vis, Look Development, CGI Asset Building, Effects TD, Set Extensions, MatchMove, Matte Paint, Rotoscope, Paint-Prep, Cosmetic Fixes, Compositing, 3D Modeling, 3D Texturing, Rendering, Colour Correction, and Character/Infographic Animation.

Their most recent work is the entire teaser for HanuMan, an Indian superhero film that promises to be a grand visual spectacle.

The Studio is scaling up and is calling all artists interested in CG & VFX to please apply by sending resumes to careers@halohuesstudios.com and also attend the Walk-In Drive that will be conducted on December 3rd in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad. Please check their LinkedIn page to know details about the venue in all the cities & register as well:


Be a part of The HaloHues Family!!!

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