Women’s Day Special Interview with – Nikita Nabanita – Recruiter – Framestore India

Women’s Day Special Interview with – Nikita Nabanita – Recruiter – Framestore India

1- can you introduce yourself?

Hi, My name is Nikita and I hail from the serene and scenic state, Odisha (also known for its national parks, reservoirs, architectural masterpieces) from eastern India. I work as a Recruiter by profession and I am happy to do that because it allows me to be able to provide people with employment. so that’s quite satisfying!


2- What Inspired you to step into the VFX/ Animation Industry?

Well!! It all started back in 2014. When I arrived in Bangalore after completing my MBA and happened to come across an interesting logo, I researched it and found out that it was a CG Studio. Having studied in Odisha, the most usual industry that people would choose to go into was engineering, medical or even business studies. So, the thought of working in a CG studio quite excited me. I was interviewed and selected to join as a trainee recruiter. I still remember how happy I was with that news!! Awwww!!


3- challenges and experiences in your early years, and would you like to share some of your memories?

It was a completely new world for me. There are a lot of memories, starting from learning how easily an audience will love or reject a show without being aware of how much effort and hard work is involved in making it. It was so fascinating. I had to get to know each department, how they function, what a demo reel is and how to evaluate it, how to make an offer etc.  In fact, my first assignment was to launch an apprenticeship which was a big challenge. It was during this time that I interviewed and reviewed close to 300 applications and selected only 12 trainees. After achieving this, I gained more confidence and started handling experienced hiring too.


4-What’s your greatest achievements in the VFX/Animation Industry?

Because my role involves a lot of interaction with people, I meet so many talented people every day and I secretly try to learn something from them. I think that’s my greatest achievement to be able to meet extraordinary people.


5- who is your inspiration Women in the VFX industry why?

There are many women who work late hours, are as good as the men and never complain about it. Those women are my inspiration.

If you are looking for a person-specific name there are quite a few:

Manju Mandali – She is my mentor, first lady boss, goto person for training needs and a great friend at the same time.

Delna Dhamodiwala – I look up to her for her commitment towards work, She is always so involved and that inspires me.

Madhuri Bongale – She has a thorough knowledge of the industry and is very compassionate. I wish to be as knowledgeable as her.

Lastly, my best buddy- Manila Kapoor – I hired her while I was in Bangalore but then we became colleagues, finally becoming best friends. Secretly she inspires me to be able to multitask swiftly and at the same time reminds me to have a work-life balance.

There are few more names but I think I will end with this. Thank you all, lovely ladies. 🙂


6-Women in the VFX industry?

The ratio definitely needs to increase! We need to have more women who can take up VFX as a career choice and parents allowing them to pursue it. I think otherwise, we are doing fine. We have a lot of room for growth for all of us.

7-challenges for women in the VFX Industry?

I would say that it’s probably the nature of work. The industry involves erratic hours sometimes but that’s how the work is.


8- Tell me more about Framestore How you get into that?

Very simple! Applied, attended an interview, got shortlisted, got an offer and joined. 🙂 


9- How can one apply Job to your company?

We have created a Mumbai specific section in our career website. Anyone can visit to know more Framestore Mumbai and candidates can also apply. Here’s the link- https://www.framestore.com/mumbai


10-any advice for Women artists and production? 

A – You are already doing great. Just always be open to take feedback and have an intention to learn and grow. 

I wish you all a Happy Women’s day. Always feel like every day is Women’s day! 🙂 🙂


Vfxexpress- Prabu Thank you Nikita Nabanita Happy women’s Day

Nikita Nabanita- Thank you prabu

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