Virtual Line Studios Transform Film and Commercial Production with Reality Engine

Real-time Broadcast Compositing System

Reality Engine® from Zero Density is the ultimate real-time broadcast compositing system enabling real-time visual effects pipelines featuring video I/O, keying, compositing and rendering in one single machine.  As the most photo-realistic real-time production solution, Reality Engine® provides its client the tools to create the most immersive content possible and revolutionize story-telling in broadcasting, media and cinema industry.

Reality Engine® uses NVidia Quadro GPUDirect technology for high performance video I/O in order to streamline real-time 4K UltraHD workflows.

Virtual Line Studios in Tokyo, Japan is a film studio and recently they built an entirely new virtual studio (11m x 9m) for real-time VR/AR capability powered by Reality Engine.

Check out the Indoor, In the City, Nature and Realtime Events sections followed by interviews with Filmmaker Shinsuke Sato and Commercial Director Kenya Tauchi. The photorealism and real-time compositing power brought by Reality provide new opportunities to film and TV commercial industry.

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