The Monk Studios

The Monk Studios

The Monk Studios was founded in 2006 by Juck Somsaman a 25-year veteran of the high-end US CGI visual effects and film industry and headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

Recently the studio has provided key work for the successful animated feature comedy-western Rango (2011), TV series Talking Tom and Friends (2015), George Lucas’s animated feature Strange Magic (2015) and animated feature Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016).

The Monk Studios’ in-house development team continually crafts a slate of world-class properties, targeted for multiple global platforms and entertainment markets. Escape of the Gingerbread Man!!! (2011), Nine (2014) and Khun Thongdaeng short films produced by The Monk Studios has won several international awards giving the studio worldwide recognition for producing high quality animation projects.

The Philosophy of the company is to focus on producing world-class imagery using highly skilled artists and cutting edge technology. The company produces high quality visual effects [VFX] and animations for both feature films and commercials in Asian and Western markets.

Gathering the region’s most talented artists, The Monk Studios is gaining a solid reputation as a leading high end animation and visual effects studio in South East Asia, frequently working with major international partners and clients, such as Dreamworks Animation, Industrial Light and Magic, Lucas Film, Alibaba Pictures, Maccann Erikson and LoweWorldWide, on a variety of public and confidential projects. The studio also boasts an efficient technical infrastructure, a sophisticated pipeline, high capacity output, and qualified engineering staff.

The Monk Studios Showreel 2019

vfx express-prabu / Napassara -Assistant Managing Director Production Manager / Danop Dharmaraksa– Business Development Outsourcing Manager / Bhargava Bhanu Kiran

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