The Goldfinger VFX Breakdown

The Goldfinger VFX Breakdown

The Goldfinger VFX Breakdown VFX Done by Big Picture Studio

Introduction: Diving deep into the heart of ‘The Goldfinger,’ we uncover the meticulous VFX work crafted by Big Picture Studio. This VFX MakingOf provides an inside look into the extensive visual effects we developed for this captivating movie.


  • Shots: 800
  • Production Time: 30 Months

Vfx Supervisor : Lik Wong, Alan Lam, Benson Poon

Compositing Supervisor : Apple Chan

Setting the Scene: ‘The Goldfinger’ is a tale set against the backdrop of the late 1970s to the late 1980s. Big Picture Studio was entrusted with the task of recreating the ambiance and aesthetics of Hong Kong from that era. We were thrilled to delve into our rich history, using various historical materials, to authentically capture the essence of Hong Kong during this period.

Innovative Vision: The director’s vision for ‘The Goldfinger’ was clear from the outset: to pioneer a fresh and groundbreaking style for Hong Kong cinema. The goal was to infuse each scene with unique cinematographic and visual effects techniques, elevating the film’s visual storytelling beyond just the narrative. After a thorough review of the script, we proposed a myriad of techniques. Collaborating closely with the Director and the Director of Photography (DOP), we devised diverse methods to bring ‘The Goldfinger’s’ visuals to life in a truly distinctive manner.

The Goldfinger 金手指 VFX Breakdown and Deleted Scenes

The above is a 2mins45secs heavy Vfx scene that got client approved after almost a year of effort.

Suddenly, it was CUT away during the “weeks of final rendering” was in progress.
Suddenly, it has now been disclosed on youtube

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