philm CGI: high on technology

philm CGI: high on technology

philmCGI has evolved as one of India’s reputed studios with over 350 plus artists and offices in two cities (Pune in Maharashtra and Thrissur in Kerala).

Not only are they known for their timely deliveries but also for the technology and processes they develop for creating their fine quality content. 

With the pandemic challenging artists and work, their cool tech team introduced a WFH pipeline which they have further improved over the period and now all their departments are effectively production-ready.

Pipeline TD, Jugal TA speaks about how their pipeline helps artists focus on art, “We encourage identification and automation of manual mundane tasks with maximum artist involvement. The scale of automation accommodates every request regardless of complexity. Our pipeline smoothly integrates with the hybrid work method. Artists could be working from home or office, it simplifies the delivery of digital assets through a well-defined set of processes. It is also packaged with our own integrated approval system.”

They have also developed a web-based reviewing platform Sutra that effortlessly integrates multiple CGI and VFX projects, making it quick, easy, and effective to track tasks. 

“We successfully recreated a studio-like environment with RUDRA (proprietary pipeline) following strict security measures like an end to end data encryption.

With in-house developed reviewing tools in place, our supervisors are able to review, retake and reassign tasks instantly. This has proved very liberating for artists as they can actually collaborate faster with creatives and make decisions on the fly rather than having to wait for hours. It’s a pretty exciting way to work!” said their Lead Developer, Vikas Kendre.

The automation in their pipelines negates multiple manual processes for artists such as submissions and getting reviews which helps them focus on the art rather than getting involved in technicalities. Whether it’s a brilliant robust back end infrastructure that supports animation or machine learning algorithms that help monitor, report system status and filter suspicious activities, philm CGI is constantly developing processes to improve WFH and hybrid work for artists while accommodating the varying system specs.

About technology advancements, Durgesh Nayak, their Technical Director said, “Technology advancements have always been exciting. This industry is the perfect marriage of creativity and technology. Of course, our focus is on REAL-TIME technology. We are very excited about the impact of this technology as it enables a real-time workflow within the existing VFX pipeline. We are looking at our processes and looking at areas we can utilize this technology to speed up, which presents a great opportunity to have a very close collaboration with filmmakers.”


About philm CGI –

philm CGI was built by Animation and VFX professionals with decades of industry experience, bringing together wildly imaginative ideas and the coolest tech. Today, as an Animation and VFX studio at the very forefront of filmmaking, they are committed to entertaining and emotive storytelling.

The last eight years have been a whirlwind of countless such stories for screens and audiences across the world. They’ve collaborated with some of the greatest filmmakers, producers and artists out there – breathing life into characters and crafting narratives that last.

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