PhantomFX Shines Bright at VFX Summit IndiaJoy 2023: A Recap of Excellence and Achievement

PhantomFX Shines Bright at VFX Summit IndiaJoy 2023: A Recap of Excellence and Achievement

Imagine a congregation of the most innovative minds, industry juggernauts, and emerging talents, all under one roof, converging to celebrate the sheer artistry and technological marvels of the visual effects industry. This was the essence of the VFX Summit, an integral part of IndiaJoy, the country’s grand Digital Entertainment festival. From October 31st to November 1st, Hyderabad became the epicenter of this extraordinary event, marking the 5th edition of the pioneering VFX conclave in South Asia.

At the heart of this vibrant gathering was PhantomFX, honored to be part of this celebration of Indian VFX and animation excellence. The HICC, Novotel, Hyderabad, witnessed an amalgamation of industry professionals, artists, and experts, all contributing to the rich tapestry of creativity and knowledge exchange.

Empowering Insights from Visionaries

Among the luminaries from PhantomFX was Asif Bhushan, the Senior Creative Head, gracing the stage as a distinguished speaker at AVGC. His session on “Effective Ways of Using VFX in Film Making” offered profound insights into leveraging VFX in the realm of filmmaking, a must-attend for artists and industry enthusiasts alike.

The creative landscape has been transformed with a touch of brilliance as Anish Sreedhar, our Head of CG, led the charge to empower budding storytellers! He is imparting wisdom on nurturing creativity using technology through a presentation titled “Empowering Emerging Storytellers: Cultivating Creativity & Imagination with Technology” within our industry. This is a profound exploration into the intersection of creativity and technology, offering valuable insights.

Award-Winning Excellence

The crowning moment for PhantomFX came with Anish Sreedhar’s triumphant win of the prestigious AVGC 40 under 40 award in the VFX category. A testament to commitment to excellence, this recognition resonated throughout the arena, evoking pride and applause.

Beyond Awards: Engaging Activities

Not only did we receive awards and applause, but the PhantomFX team also actively engaged in a variety of activities that made us the center of attention during the event. Their enthusiastic participation included organizing entertaining games such as a Memory game and challenging participants to find duplicate movie poster tiles (representing our projects) within a set time limit. They also introduced the Click & Tag activity, encouraging attendees to take photos of the Ayalaan 3D Model against a Phantom background and share them on social media. Additionally, there was a VFX Trivia quiz testing knowledge about movies and visual effects, a Spin the Wheel game for lucky winners, and a Card Game involving a lucky draw for the highest-valued card. These initiatives deeply resonated with aspiring artists and industry professionals, leaving a lasting impression.

Elevated Discourse for Future Innovations

Participation in a closed-door discussion under the guidance of Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, the Telangana State Secretary, alongside the UK Delegation and Industry Stalwarts, further underscored PhantomFX’s commitment to shaping the future of the AVGC industry. This dynamic roundtable conference explored future developments, including the ambitious IMAGE Tower project set to revolutionize Hyderabad’s tech hub with innovation spanning Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and comics.

Inspiration, Innovation, and Beyond

The VFX Summit within IndiaJoy 2023 left an indelible mark, igniting inspiration and fostering innovation in attendees. PhantomFX emerged as a driving force, making waves at India’s largest VFX conclave. The team’s excitement to engage with brilliant minds and partake in such an esteemed event is palpable.

Looking Ahead

As the echoes of VFX Summit’s success reverberate, PhantomFX stands poised to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the dynamic realm of visual effects. Here’s to the future, where PhantomFX’s artistry and vision will continue to shape the landscape of visual effects.

About PhantomFX

Phantomfx Digital Effects Limited(PhantomFX) is an industry leader, specializing in creative visual effects and CGI for a host of feature films, Web Series, and Commercials. PhantomFX is presently contributing to the production, pre and post-production of a host of Domestic and international Projects.

With extensive international project experience, PhantomFX has delivered thousands of shots for Hollywood, Independent feature films & commercials over the past 15 years. Some of the notable movies include ‘Ayalaan’, ‘Beast’, ‘RRR’, ‘Vikram’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite’, ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Flash series’, ‘Vishwaroopam 2’, ‘Indru Netru Naalai’ and ‘Seema Raja’.

The company is catering to its clients in Hollywood through its administrative office in USA, Canada, UK, and Dubai. PhantomFX has been globally recognized for its exemplary work and has won several awards from National and International presenters.

The robust and talented team of 650+ artists work round the clock to roll out the best in the industry.  The core team at Phantom is highly efficient with around 15 years of experience to handle the projects effectively and raise the bar in quality, precision, and delivery schedules. Conversant with the latest skill sets in the industry, the core team has an inherent creative strain of thought, working together single-mindedly towards perfection.

As the founder, CEO, and VFX Supervisor of PhantomFX, Bejoy Arputharaj has been the pillar behind the growth and success of PhantomFX. From humble beginnings to making it to the heights of success, Bejoy Arputharaj proves that anything is possible with a little grit and a lot of passion.
An Artist at heart and a veteran of the CGI space, Bejoy has over two decades of experience and more than two hundred films under his belt.

Open, inclusive, and equal are three words that sum up the work culture at PhantomFX. He takes pride in creating a workplace brimming with warmth and joy, where creativity flourishes, and personal goals align with those of the organization

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