myZen VFX Breakdown 

myZen VFX Breakdown 

myZen VFX Breakdown VFX Done by frameworks

VFX breakdown for Groupama’s myZen tvc campaign. Three different scenarios, three cars getting destroyed in awkward and funny situations. First project we decided to involve lidar scanning, using Leica’s professional 3d scanners.

client: Groupama myZen
agency: Rascal
production house: Ribeye Production House
producer: Tassos Kyr
director: Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis
dop: Giannis Georgiou
VFX supervisor: Georgios Papaioannou
modeling, sculpting & animation: Dimitris Liatsos
fx, shading, lighting & compositing: Georgios Papaioannou

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