Lost in Space: Season 2 In-Depth Animation Breakdown By Image Engine VFX

Netflix is no stranger to reboots. Fuller House, One Day at a Time, and Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return have all found new life on the platform. Yet few reboots boast the Hollywood-level ambition, action, and cutting edge visual effects of Netflix’s epic Lost In Space revival.

Lost In Space debuted in 2018, launching onto televisions around the world with operatic scope, alien worlds, and imaginative CG characters that set a new standard for streamed sci-fi. Now, the second season has landed, and it ups the ante across every facet of the show’s drama. Image Engine, who supplied 266 shots for season one of the Robinson family’s adventures, returned once again to support those aspirations, ensuring that the ongoing saga of Maureen, John, Will, Judy, and Penny felt more gripping than ever.

Read on to learn how the studio leveraged its 25 years of expertise across digital creatures, environments, FX and more to create both robotic and organic adversaries that would meet – and surpass – the thrill of those witnessed in season one.

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