Interview with -Shaun Anthony Robinson Actor | Director

Interview with -Shaun Anthony Robinson Actor | Director

About: Shaun Anthony Robinson

Australian born Shaun Anthony Robinson has always been a performer from a young age. You could say Shaun was the class clown always trying to get a laugh out of his friends, even if that meant him getting himself sent to the principles office but in saying he that always kept a clear view that entertaining was going to be the one thing he stuck at. From his teen years into his mid 20’s he dabbled in many bands eventually landing himself in a Central Coast Rock band called Origin of Janken as the frontman, after his band played on AGT he became more fascinated with the camera.

Shaun ended up appearing in 2 feature films, inc: Fat pizza vs HousosandDumb criminals, This experience ignited a spark for Acting

Shaun traded in his trademark Mohawk the mic and screaming on stage for Film and Tv.

Then made a break into mainstream tv including

HYDE & SEEK, Blue murder cop killer, The Secret Daughter Frayed on IVIEW He was cast in several TVC’s and national ad campaigns Including KIIS FM Kyle & Jackie, Nsw Transport Road Safety NSW, Westpac

Vfxexpress- Can you introduce yourself for our audience?

 Shaun Anthony Robinson – Hi  im  Sydney Actor  Shaun Antony Robinson

Vfxexpress– How you realized that you had a talent of acting and


Shaun Anthony Robinson –I have always had a love for performing.

Before acting I was a singer I  had a metal band, We even performed on “Australia’s Got Talent”

But yeah I  have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

Vfxexpress– Did you take up any training in acting?

Shaun Anthony Robinson –Yeah I did but I did it all backward I started acting first, then a few of the cast from a film I was working on said dude get some lessons you look like you have a knack for this.

So I did I  took up Drama classes at several drama schools, In Sydney and also in LA. .

Vfxexpress– What are the challenges you faced in your career and how

Did you overcome them?

Shaun Anthony Robinson – Wow where do I start? There are challenges in every aspect of this job from obtaining work to training there is also the challenge of rejection if you can get used to rejection you will do well.

how did I overcome these challenges , by never giving up &  remembering why I started in the first place.

Vfxexpress– Many people think acting is easy and actors/actress don’t

hard. According to you what it takes to be an actor/actress?

Shaun Anthony Robinson – What does it take to be an actor? It takes determination It takes guts and Sacrifice &  trauma I find most great actors have suffered some sort of trauma. “In a sick sense, our pain is your pleasure.”  It’s an artist thing. So when you are watching a film just take a min to respect the actor especially if their performance has affected you emotionally, 8 times out of ten they have just gone through something traumatic to give that character life to entertain you. 

2020: Malibu Crush

Vfxexpress– What it’s like to act in front of a greenscreen and in a live


Shaun Anthony Robinson – Acting in front of a green screen can sometimes have its limitations especially when you are trying to interact with whatever is on the screen behind you even though it’s not actually behind you,, Nothing beats being in a real location.

Vfxexpress– You are also a director, can you share us some of your

experience as being a director? How was the transition for you

from being an actor to a director?

Shaun Anthony Robinson – I’ve always had a knack for seeing something that isn’t there before it’s there if you know what I mean. So it felt quite natural for me to fall into directing,

I’ve only directed two music  film clips and a documentary which is yet to be completed,

Vfxexpress– What are the knowledge a director should have about film

making and visual effects before making a movie?

Shaun Anthony Robinson – I’m not sure a director needs to have knowledge of how the visual effects are made,

But have an Idea of what style of visual effects he or she wants.

It just depends on the production, But im also still learning so I could be dead wrong .

Vfxexpress– Can you share us some of your favorite experience as an

actor and also as a director?

Shaun Anthony Robinson – Some of my best experiences being an actor would be nearly every time I’m on set.

The highlight of my career would be the  guest roles on Australian drama series   Secret Daughter, Frayed  &  recently Home and Away

but also directing my own film for the last 4 years.

Surviving Sunset an actors Hollywood Journey

Vfxexpress– Is there any resources that you can suggest like books,

movies, etc. that can inspire the next generation actors/actress

and directors?

Shaun Anthony Robinson – My film in 2021 if you are looking to head to hollywood ,

 but honestly I think  the best book is life !  walk it breath it do it  , 

Vfxexpress– Any final advices/ tips/ quotes you wish to share with us?

Shaun Anthony Robinson – A good friend and actor buddy Johnny Molinaro said to me.

 Get out there and get some dirt under your nails , scrape your knees and learn the word no,

The only way you are going to learn is by falling and getting  back up.

That  whole circle of events  builds character ,  or something like that  but yeah

Bluntly  Jump in the deep end without floaties. Sink or Swim, you decide . 

My advice is  you only fail if you give up

Also make sure you  know what you want that’s important , But really it’s 2021 there are no rules to filmmaking, Just get off your ass and get out there and do it . IF THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT.


Vfxexpress Ritto prabu – Thank you Shaun Anthony Robinson for sharing all with us

Shaun Anthony Robinson- Thank you Ritto prabu

Follow Shaun Anthony Robinson- on social media Instagram @imshaunanthonyrobinson Check out his website

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