Interview with Pam Skaifa Wong Bunten- FX TD

Pam Skaifa Wong Bunten– FX TD 2020 Showreel

can you introduce yourself?

I have a background in TV/Film Production from Thailand. I first studied Visual Effects at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. I landed my first job at Digital Domain, CA as a tracking artist, then branched myself off to a Houdini FX artist. Then I was working freelance with various LA studios using both Maya and Houdini. In 2017, I decided to join the Visual Effects Master degree program at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and graduated in August 2019. Currently, I’m freelancing as an FX artist in the Los Angeles area.


What inspired you to step into the VFX/ Animation Industry?

Back in Thailand, I used to write, direct and produce 2 Sci-fi TV Dramas which became successful. One got nominated and another got a TV Golden award. By that time, I was very interested to do FX myself and hoped that one day I would be able to be an artist myself. After moving to the US, at Gnomon school of Visual Effects, I found VFX was fascinating and it has become the path of my career from that moment on.


challenges and experiences in your early years, and would you like to share some of your memories? faced?

Working in VFX, especially FX is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. It takes patience, consistency, and most importantly, passion to keep driving you not to give up. Keep being active, keep learning, and expand your network is the key.


What’s your greatest achievements in the VFX Industry?

My greatest achievements are in each work that got finalized and came out on the screen. I love films and the most rewarding moment is to watch my own work on the shows that I love.


who is your inspiration Women in the VFX industry why?

There are many VFX women in the industry, but I haven’t met many female FX artists yet. So I think the woman that inspired me so much is my Houdini professor at SCAD: professor Deborah Fowler. She has consistently supported and made me believe what a woman can do.


Women in the VFX industry?

Women can do amazing jobs in VFX. They can create beautiful, powerful and complex work. I’d really love to see female FX artists in the industry more in the future.


challenges for women in the VFX Industry?

While there are challenges for the VFX industry already, for women artists, especially for FX, it is not very easy at all. It takes time and works to prove our abilities to gain trust from the industry. For example, they would rather assign gun shooting, explosion fx, etc to a male artist then assign magic, dust, water, etc to a female artist. But I do believe that in reality, some female artists can do better jobs for that fx. They just think that females supposed to do better with beautiful stuff more than violence.


Any memorable shows you wish to share your experiences?

Yes, it’s the first show that I got a title as an FX artist at Digital Domain. It was the snow falling fx on “Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s end”. That show was so much fun and such an easy job for me to do. I really enjoyed working with the talented team who are now seniors working in different parts of the world. I was very proud to be placed by the end of the row of those amazing Houdini artists. Digital Domain in Venice was an awesome friendly studio where I had the most memorable time that I’ll never forget.


How you feel comfortable in the VFX Industry?

I feel comfortable with the VFX industry and the opportunity for jobs, but at the same time, feeling worried about our future. Our jobs depending so much on the film industry, which currently seems to be a halt. I do really hope for us the best for our future in VFX.


Any advice for Upcoming Women VFX artists?

First of all, be happy that you chose this is your path. Not too many people in the world are doing what you do. Be proud and no matter how tough it is, never forget how lucky you get into this career to be doing what you always love. Secondly, don’t give up. There will be times that you go through complicated jobs and tough situations. If you think about quitting, ask yourself again if there is anything else that will keep your interest and reward you back like VFX does or not. Thirdly, don’t stop growing your skills and keep being active about polishing your main software knowledge. Lastly, keep yourself in the loop, don’t lose your important connections and network.


vfxexpress – prabu Thank you Pam Skaifa Wong-Bunten

Pam Skaifa Wong-Bunten – Thank you prabu

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