Inside Studio – Spellbound Visual Effects Company

Inside Studio – Spellbound Visual Effects Company

Spellbound Visual Effects & Animation Pvt. Ltd is specialised in Post-Production established in 2015 & it was formed by a team of leading industry professionals headquartered in Chennai.
At Spellbound our foundation and way of life is based on the core principle – an unequivocal penchant for quality and dedicated to delivering excellence on every project we are involved with. It commenced operations by providing multi-vendor services for Visual Effects & Animation. 
It’s been 4 years of taking fun seriously, it’s what we do. Chasing passions, following imagination and bringing dreams to life is just another day at work. We’re grateful to all the support that helped us get here – a solid core team, a skilled community of artists and experts  

Spellbound is a leading visual effects studio standing out in the digital visual effects in multiple areas & we are done with 60 Commercials, 25 Feature Films & 20 Tv series.  
In recent years we got nominated for a canadian series in VFX criteria & also got a reputation for their visual effects work on Hollywood films, in what is proving to be an ever increasingly competitive World.
We’re thrilled to welcome the new era of movies and shows and can’t wait to show you what the future holds  

We are creative VFX Studio facility with a range of services. Spellbound is a one stop solution for all your Post-production.
If an artist who is eager to learn and want to be a part and add value to our culture then Spellbound is the place for you. 
Our production pipeline and the latest hardware and software technology, anything is possible at Spellbound specializes in highly complex visual effects and is your performance partner in terms of post-production. 
Our goal and dream at Spellbound is that every artist should multiple skills, that he or she should get a platform to self learn or train and learn from others, our dream is to give an artist an ambience which is not just a workplace instead feels like a home away from home.   
Our accomplishments not only result in Post-Production work for our clients but also provide a sense of security in that your projects handled by the best digital post-production service in the industry.

We offer a variety of services, ranging from Rotoscopy, Paint/prep, Matchmove, Rotomation & Native Stereo for television, film and advertising.  
What better way to celebrate our 4th anniversary than by paying a tribute to the spirit of all the qualities that we see in our employees -passion, persistence.

vfx express founder prabu and Spellbound Visual Effects  company team members

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