Hamsters for Albert Heijn VFX Breakdown

Hamsters for Albert Heijn VFX Breakdown

The beloved Albert Heijn hamsters are back with a bang and for the first time, animated by the team at Ambassadors.

“The Albert Heijn hamsters have been around for over 10 years, everyone knows them,” says director Nick Groeneveld. “So this was about honoring that tradition while having a lot of fun with their movie-star entrance and making them as tactile, fuzzy, and adorable as possible.”

To nail the Hollywood theme, we used some dramatic flares, a Michael Bay-esque panning shot, and some serious slow motion. In the second half during the crush-zoom, we switch to a more even and natural lighting, highlighting the switch back to the ‘real world in the Albert Heijn supermarket.

When encouraging consumers to stockpile groceries wasn’t quite the message to go for in 2020, TBWA\Neboko and Ambassadors instead introduced a tiny family of Action Heroes (ActieHelden) getting super-saver discounts for customers.

But with lockdown easing, we’re looking forward to seeing the Albert Heijn hamsters taking over TV screens with their discounted deals.

Director: Nick Groeneveld, Will Jeffers
DOP: Mick van Rossum
Executive Producer: Sander Heeroma
Producer: Carolina van Vugt
Sound Producer: Zoë de Regt
Production Manager: Jesse te Buck
Editors: Oscar Marmelstein, Bram Koopmans
Colorists: Matt Hare, Koert van der Ploeg
3D Supervisors: Dimos Hadjisavvas, Ralph Meijer
3D Animation: Nick Groeneveld
3D Artists: Jeroen Cloosterman, Charlotte Vallet, Jeroen Hoolmans, Robin van As, Jonathan Krijgsman, Sjoerd de Greef, Jeremy Verf
VFX Artists: Stephen Pepper, Peter van Rij
Designers: Maureen van der Hout, Rachelle Slingerland
Composers: Joep Meijburg, Sebastiaan Roestenburg
Sound Designer : Rens Pluijm

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