G.H.Y Culture & Media – Singapore

G.H.Y Culture & Media – Singapore

GHY Culture & Media is an entertainment business that focuses on the production and promotion of dramas and films, presentation of live entertainment, talent management services, post-production, visual effects services, props, costumes, and make-up services in the Asia-Pacific region.The Group is headquartered in Singapore and the PRC with over 170 employees across Singapore, Malaysia, China and Australia.

Mr Leong Chee Loong (Head of VFX/Technology) , Mr John Ho (Founder/Advisor) , Mr Guo Jingyu (Founder/CEO) , Mr Guo Shi Ming (Director/Producer)

Mr. Guo Jingyu is an accomplished veteran of the entertainment industry, boasting close to 30 years of experience in film direction and production as well as executive leadership roles. As a highly acclaimed director, producer, and scriptwriter Mr. Guo has received numerous accolades including prestigious nominations and wins from various award ceremonies in China for his work on multiple TV drama series projects produced by the Group he oversees operations at today.  

Mr. John Ho is a seasoned veteran in the film, event management and media fields; his network spans across Singapore to Asia Pacific region for more than three decades! He guides companies with identifying advantageous opportunities as well as providing professional advice on their business operations – from making connections to setting up growth strategies that can benefit them significantly.

Mr. Guo Shi Ming has over two decades of experience in the Film & TV industry as director, producer and cinematographer who has worked on a variety of projects with notable success. His impressive portfolio includes hit titles such as Brave Heart, The Ferryman Series and Little Nyonya – just to name a few!

Mr Leong Chee Loong is spearheading G.H.Y’s journey towards technological excellence, through their stunning and award-winning visual effects productions like The Ferryman Legends of Nanyang and Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty. His team looks forward to continuing the work on creating captivating visuals for audiences around the world!

For more information at www.ghyculturemedia.com


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