Coyote VFX Breakdown by RodeoFX

Coyote VFX Breakdown by RodeoFX

Coyote was to create supportive visual effects that are invisible to the viewers.

The bulk of the work was concentrated around ‘the wall’, the US/Mexico border, one of the main locations in the series. However, the real wall is a highly secured area and it was difficult for the production crew to get access to it.

RodeoFX created a CG version of the wall in multiple establishing shots and in different locations. RodeoFX created a version of the wall across the desert, another one right by the ocean at the border between Tijuana and San Diego and finally, one going through downtown Tijuana.

RodeoFX created seamless hidden comp effects throughout the action and a key plane sequence to assist in shooting logistics to get the shots the client was working towards. composites were key in creating the environments in which the story around our characters evolved.

One other notable effect on the series was ‘cadaver enhancement’. they had to make some of the series actors look like they were dead bodies rotting in the desert.

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