ANIMISM Studios VFX Showreel 2022

ANIMISM Studios VFX Showreel 2022

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Animism Studios specializes in photo-real creatures and characters.

The core team is made up of senior artists and producers from the feature film visual effects industry. Their combined resumes include +50 feature films, Games, numerous awards, and enough episodic work to binge on for a lifetime. In the feature film industry, they have worked at some of the biggest and best studios on Academy, Emmy, and Visual Effects Society, Award-winning projects.

Vfxexpress Interview with Jeremy Stewart Co-Founder, CCO ANIMISM STUDIOS -Vancouver Checkout

Jeremy Stewart -Starting a VFX company is not easy, so it’s a good thing I did not try to do it on my own. Each of the co-founders has brought their unique strengths to build Animism Studios into what it is today; A full-service VFX studio with a robust pipeline, proprietary tools, and a crew of some of the most talented people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.

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Animism VFX Showreel July 2022

Animism Team

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