2.0 VFX Breakdown

2.0 VFX Breakdown

2.O South indian upcoming big budget Movie- 450 Crore Directed By S. Shankar

Production VFX Supervisor is Srinivas Mohan
VFX Done by:
DNEG / UNIT studios
El Ranchito
TAU Films
MAS Imageworks
Asymmetric VFX
Prana studios – R&H
Crater Studio
KNACK Studios
Bottleship VFX
Firefly Creative Studio
Alzahra VFX
Digital Domain
Future Works
ARC VFX Studio
Ajax VFX
Unifi Media
After Studio
Phantom FX
Fluiid Mask
EFX Magic
Accel Media


Making of 2.0 – 3D Featurette

2.0 Release date 29 November 2018


Making of 2.0 

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