Ziva Dynamics 2019 Customer Reel

Ziva Dynamics 2019 Customer Reel

The talented Ziva Community continues to release remarkable simulation results with Ziva VFX. From blockbuster films to independent productions, creatures of all shapes and sizes are pushing the standard for simulation and realism


Founded in early 2015 by Academy Award-winner James Jacobs and Dr. Jernej Barbic, Ziva Dynamics is changing the way virtual characters are brought to life. Ziva character technologies harness the leading methodologies from engineering and computer science to rapidly produce the most accurate and scalable character results. Ziva fundamentally changes the character creation process, while providing greater control, speed, and capabilities to artists of all levels.

Emerging artists, award-winning studios, and global brands are all leveraging Ziva’s technology to make world-class characters for movies, TV, retail experiences, and interactive environments.

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