Women’s Day Special Interview with – Akshata -Production coordinator at Future works

can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Akshata Gayakawad working as a production coordinator in future works, Chennai. 

What inspired you to step into the VFX/ Animation Industry?

Well! VFX industry is something which fascinated me from my college days, where I started watching Hollywood movies and started exploring behind the scenes and also started dreaming to be part of the crew. That’s what is the inspiration behind my career.


Challenges and experiences in your early years, and would you like to share some of your memories faced?

Challenges are quite common in every industry, likewise, I have faced it too. That doesn’t stop me. As I’m in production where companies turnover is indirectly dependent on our hands. Hence it’s a very responsible job. Even if unfortunately something goes wrong, it’s the production of people’s responsibility to make it smooth in both the ways – client as well as in-house. I am lucky enough to work with a very talented and supportive tech team to date. 


What’re your greatest achievements in the VFX Industry?

I always dreamt of being a VFX producer and want to start my career in a production role, but initially selected as a roto artist from my campus selection. As I was passionate and kept learning, I moved into production after a short duration grabbing the opportunity which I got at that time. So in my experience, I always suggest that getting into the industry is important and later upgrade yourself


who is your inspiration Women in the VFX industry why?

When I was doing my internship, I came across the name Priyanka Balasubramaniam from my internship session in Botvfx. At the moment I started exploring her and later I even read an interview with her in one of the newspapers. From that day she stands as my inspirational woman in VFX. There are some other women’s personalities that inspired me later in my career. Currently Botvfx associate producer – Swetha madapuri, Mist VFX head of production –  Sofia Fathima and Futureworks executive producer Tina Minall. Women are meant to be multitasking and I have learned something from all them which is useful for my career.


Women in the VFX industry?

There are not many differences professionally in the industry. But due to safety issues in our country, women can’t stay back in the office for a long time even though they want to finish their tasks.


Challenges for women in the VFX Industry?

As I told earlier, timing is a constrain and sometimes motherhood and profession can’t copup together and the breaks from their career can be a constrain for restart


Any memorable shows you wish to share your experiences?

As I have dreamt in my college days, I have worked in many Hollywood blockbusters and coordinated teams to get a productive result. One of the shows is my all-time favorite – Marvel’s movie series and some other movies too. Well! If you ask me which of them I like the most, then I would say Thor and Doctor Strange.


How you feel comfortable in the VFX Industry?

It’s quite challenging and comfortable as we have lots of shows in India currently. If we have pure passion we can pursue our dreams.


Any advice for Upcoming Women VFX artists?

Never give up on any breaks in your life. Success may be a little delay for you. So come back strongly!! Be passionate and love your work and industry. 

It’s our world!!! Happy women’s day to every one of you there!


vfxexpress – prabu – Thank you Akshata

Akshata- Thank you prabu for this opportunity

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