Wednesday VFX breakdown By MPC

Wednesday VFX breakdown By MPC

Wednesday Addams will soon make a comeback to Never more Academy! Netflix has confirmed that the spin-off series from Tim Burton has been renewed for a second season two months after it launched on the platform and broke all previous records. When rumors spread that the second season would move to another streaming service, the news of the renewal was confirmed.However, it has now been established that “Wednesday” will only be available on Netflix.

Netflix wrote, releasing the Wednesday family’s teaser, “‘The second season of Wednesday has been officially renewed!

The eight-part series premiered on November 23 and quickly became one of the most popular streaming shows worldwide.The drama starring Jenna Ortega is the third most popular Netflix series of all time, trailing only the fourth season of “Stranger Things” and the Korean drama “Squid Game.”The coming-of-age supernatural comedy-horror series debuted on a Nielsen streaming chart with historic numbers, making it Netflix’s most-watched series.

Netflix has confirmed the second season of “Wednesday.“

Netflix released the groundbreaking drama Wednesday’s first season in November.In just a few short weeks, the Netflix drama has amassed more than 1 billion watch hours.

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Tom Turnbull serves as the Production VFX Supervisor, and Kent Johnson serves as the Production VFX Producer.

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