Virtual production with Unreal Engine: a new era of filmmaking

Virtual production with Unreal Engine: a new era of filmmaking

Explore how virtual production is changing the creative landscape for film, broadcast, and VFX studios

Exploring the possibilities of virtual production

VFX is an evolving industry, and virtual production is shaping up to play a pivotal role in how studios will overcome the production challenges of tomorrow. Innovative studios are already combining CG, motion capture, and real-time rendering with more traditional production techniques throughout the production process to more efficiently bring the creative vision of their directors to life. 

“There’s no other way to make the type of content that we are approaching,” explains Glenn Derry, Vice President of Visual Effects at Fox Feature Films. “I can’t fly to Pandora and shoot Avatar, there’s no way to do that. You have to create some mechanism whereby the directors and the creatives involved can get out there and actually produce their film in a meaningful way.”

For others, the possibility of forging new paths forward in the industry is an enticing prospect, particularly when it opens the doors to more effective ways to build a hyper-efficient pipeline.

“To make movies using virtual production, and particularly with a game engine with all of the real-time capabilities, it’s an opportunity to redesign the whole process of filmmaking,” says Tim Webber, VFX Supervisor at Framestore. “Something that would take us overnight or a week to do, suddenly you can do immediately and you can get immediate feedback…and that opens up a world of possibilities to do things differently.”

Virtual Sets in Unreal Engine

Behind scenes with OSF Virtual Production demo of Real-Time Pre-Visualisation with motion control robot (Director Asa Bailey). OSF is a British company that specialise in virtual production and real-time previsualisation and real-time VFX for film and television production.

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