Virtual Production-Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Behind-the-Scenes

Client: Kraft Philadelphia
Title: Heavenly Escape

PIXOMONDO Virtual Production
Matthew Swanton: Lead Unreal Operator/Unreal Environment Artist
Tristan Fields: Lead Unreal Operator/Unreal Environment Artist
Phil Jones: Virtual Production VFX Supervisor
Jack Chadwick: Virtual Production Manager
Chris Cox: Virtual Production Producer
Christopher Chinea: Virtual Production Supervisor
Asad M.: Unreal Environment Artist
Amir Alam: Virtual Production Technician

Alter Ego:
Executive Producer: Hilda Pereira
Producer: Andrew Tavares
Creative Directors & On-Set Supervisors: David Whiteson & Darren Achim
Lead Sr. VFX Artist: Darren Achim
Sr. VFX Artist: Joel Osis
VFX Artist: Eric Perrella
VFX Assistant: Jake Hussey
Sr. CG Artist: Jerry Corda-Stanley
Sr. CG Artist: Mike Waldrum
Colourist: Eric Whipp
Colour Assistant: Jonah Venneri

Rethink AGENCY:
Adam Park: Producer (ENG)
Annick D’Auteuil: Producer (FRE)
Jamie Marcovitch: Creative Director
Joel Holtby: Creative Director
Michelle Budge: Art Director
Jackson Byrne: Copywriter

Animals production:
Christopher Hustul: Executive Producer
Leigh Marling: Director
Chris Mably: DP

Red Rooster Editorial Ltd:
Melissa Kahn: Executive Producer
Paul Proulx: Editor
Sochima Nwakaeze: Assistant Editor

Shot on PIXOMONDO and William F. White International Inc.’s
Stage Six Virtual Production stage in Toronto

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