VFX Breakdown of “65” by Framestore

VFX Breakdown of “65” by Framestore

The sci-fi thriller “65” immerses audiences in a prehistoric Earth, 65 million years ago, with stunning visual effects. Directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the film stars Adam Driver as pilot Mills and Ariana Greenblatt as Koa, navigating a perilous landscape filled with dinosaurs. Framestore‘s VFX team meticulously brought this ancient world to life, combining scientific accuracy with creative artistry.

Framestore began by researching the Cretaceous period to accurately depict its flora and fauna. The dinosaurs, central to the film, were created using detailed 3D modelling, texture painting, and motion capture technology, resulting in lifelike and menacing creatures. The environment, constructed with a blend of practical effects, location footage, and CGI, features lush landscapes that support the film’s narrative.

High-octane action sequences, including a thrilling jungle chase, required seamless integration of digital dinosaurs with live-action stunts. Framestore also used digital doubles and face replacement technology to enhance the actors’ performances. By combining cutting-edge technology with cinematic creativity, Framestore created a prehistoric world that feels authentic and thrilling, enhancing the film’s visual spectacle and emotional impact.

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