VFX Breakdown KIDDO

VFX Breakdown KIDDO


An orphan girl seeks to revenge her father’s death, with some unusual help.

Director: Tito Fernandes

Tito Fernandes  visual effects supervisor

Raphael Beyaert cg generalist / cg supervisor / compositor

Proof-of-concept trailer pitch for KIDDO, created by TITO FERNANDES. Developed by a worldwide team or artists in association with VFX partner company UNIT.

Logline An action/adventure/thriller coming of age story about a young orphan girl named Kim (20s) and her two unusual buddies’ journey to find inner resolution and their place in the world

Tito Fernandes and Antonia Tootill in Kiddo (2018)

Story by Tito Fernandes / David Fernandes Antonia Tootill as Kim Produced by Tito Fernandes Co-Produced by Adam Luckwell Associate Produced by Robert Cairns Cinematography by Yana Rits-Cairns Music by David Stone Hamilton Edited by Chris J. Hunter Sound design by Chris Southwell Colourist by Nick Dalby Costume Designer / Maker by Alessio O’Driscoll Hair & Makeup by Ruth Boon Screen Graphics / End Credits by Andrea Braga VFX Supervisor by Tito Fernandes 3D Supervisor by Raphaël Beyaert

KIDDO — Teaser

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