VEGAS – Announces Election Results for 2024: New Leadership to Guide the Association’s Mission

VEGAS – Announces Election Results for 2024: New Leadership to Guide the Association’s Mission

Chennai, Tamil Nadu—March 8th, 2024— (VEGAS) is proud to unveil the outcomes of its recent election, setting the stage for a dynamic new era of leadership and innovation. Through a robust and diligent voting process, VEGAS members have elected a stellar team of individuals who will spearhead the association’s mission and vision over the next three years.

Newly Elected Officers:

President: Mr. Bejoy Arputharaj
In assuming the role of President, Mr. Bejoy Arputharaj brings a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to advancing the interests of VEGAS and its members. With a proven track record of leadership, Mr. Arputharaj will lead the association with vision and integrity.

Vice President: Mr. Lenin Christopher C.K
Mr. Lenin Christopher C.K’s election as Vice President underscores his dedication profession and his passion for fostering collaboration within the industry. His strategic insights and collaborative spirit will be instrumental in driving VEGAS forward.

Secretary: Mr. Peter Sebastian
As Secretary, Mr. Peter Sebastian will play a pivotal role in facilitating communication and coordination within VEGAS. With his organizational skills and attention to detail, Mr. Sebastian will ensure that the association operates smoothly and efficiently.

Treasurer: Mr. Alagarsamy Mayan
Mr. Alagarsamy Mayan’s appointment as Treasurer reflects his financial acumen and commitment to fiscal responsibility. With his expertise in financial management, Mr. Mayan will safeguard VEGAS’s financial health and ensure transparency in all financial matters.

Members of the Executive Committee:

In addition to the elected officers, the following individuals have been chosen to serve as Members of the Executive Committee:

Mr. Suresh A.H
Mr. Balakrishnan R
Mr. Vetrivell. V
Mr. Rajan E
Mr. Harish Ram LH
Mr. Pinto Sasikumar
Mr. Sathish Guptha. R
Mr. Jainaressh BC
Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, and together, they will work collaboratively to support the goals and objectives of VEGAS.

Congratulations and Gratitude:

VEGAS extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the newly elected officers and executive members. Their dedication and commitment to the association’s mission are invaluable assets, and VEGAS looks forward to their leadership in the years ahead.

The association also expresses sincere gratitude to all the candidates who participated in the election process. Their willingness to serve and contribute to VEGAS is commendable, and their efforts are deeply appreciated.

Looking Ahead:

As VEGAS embarks on this new chapter, the association is confident that it will continue to thrive and fulfill its mission under the guidance of its newly elected leadership team. With a shared vision and a spirit of collaboration, VEGAS is poised to make a positive impact on the veterinary profession and the communities it serves.

For more information about VEGAS and its initiatives, please visit the association’s website at

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