Underwater VFX Breakdown by MPC

MPC As the lead visual effects Studio for Underwater, MPC Film created the full journey on a dry-for-wet shoot– from the submerged base, the whole pipe connecting to the Kepler Station, down to the ocean floor, through miles of underwater desert, cold dark landscapes and to the final act at the main Roebuck station. MPC built all external assets outside of the underwater station.

About “Underwater”
Twentieth Century Fox presents “Underwater.” In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, and trapped in a rapidly flooding structure, a crew of six stationed on an underwater research facility realize their only shot at survival lies in walking across the ocean floor to a distant abandoned rig. In addition to the physical challenges of the journey, they quickly discover they’re being hunted by mythic, monstrous sea predators hellbent on killing them. “Underwater” is directed by William Eubank from a screenplay by Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad, story by Brian Duffield.

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