Tunnelen VFX Breakdown

Tunnelen VFX Breakdown

The work on The Tunnel differed slightly from other productions as the VFX crew spent more time on set than usual. This time, they borrowed a laser scanner from Leica Geo Systems, to scan both the truck and also a whole kilometer of tunnel, in order to make it into an object to work with.

– With a virtual copy of the tunnel we were able to accurately simulate the behaviour of the smoke.
The tunnel existed in real life, but the smoke didn’t. The hardest part is that the smoke plays such an integral part of the scene, but it isn’t really there. Still, it needs to cast shadows, diffuse the light, flow along the tunnel and be affected by the objects and actors inside it, Kai Kiønig Bortne, VFX Supervisor, explains. 

If you’re an actor, we’re sure you’re happy that this smoke isn’t real. Check out the video the VFX gang made as a break down of some of the spectacular effects on The Tunnel.

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