Tiger Showreel By WeFX Studio

Tiger Showreel By WeFX Studio

Photoreal CG creatures have always been a major topic in VFX production. There are a lot of technical challenges: extremely realistic lookdev and fur, convincing performances, computationally intensive and physically accurate muscle simulation, and a lot more production pipeline efforts to achieve the final result.
In the past year, WeFX has been committed to the development of a robust CG creature pipeline. After several technical tweaks and improvements, we are happy to showcase our initial results.
While we continue our endeavors and challenge ourselves at creating various CG creatures, we are pleased to present our favorite in-house creature, a tiger, with a showreel and some technical breakdown.


Project Lead: 游永杰(Jack Yu)
Production Management: 鄭冠華(Daniel Cheng), 魏鴻(Wei Hung), 王怡婷(Eting Wang)
Modeling: 黃啟銘(Kevin Huang), 林子傑(Taylor Lin), 吳懿儒(Terry Wu)
Fur Grooming: 黃啟銘(Kevin Huang)
Shading: 黃啟銘(Kevin Huang)
Rigging: 林子傑(Taylor Lin), 凌士桓(Asuei Ling)
Animation: 鄭湧繽(Allen Cheng), Cirqus Studio 
Simulation: 李正雄(Charles Li), 林子傑(Taylor Lin), 劉宜玟(Yi Wen Liu), 陳姵君(Pei Jyun Chen)
Lighting: 楊欣林(Aeolian Yang), 李翰宇(Han Yu Lee), 楊敬淳(Gin Yang), 張恩平(Dan Chang)
Compositing: Aditya Kolli, 楊舒宜(Shu-I Yang), 劉昱君(Tracy Liu)
Pipeline Development: 張維倉(WeiTsang Chang), 何孟翰(Meng Han Ho)
On Set: 陳振國(Kent Cheng)

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