The Wandering Earth  VFX Breakdown By Pixomondo

The Wandering Earth VFX Breakdown By Pixomondo

PIXOMONDO completed 216 shots, including over 50 full CG shots. The work ranges from full CG environments to heavy effects simulations with collapsing ice and collapsing frozen buildings. 185 assets were produced by PXO, including the whole of the Shanghai City environment, the frozen Canyon, the Ice Wall, hero vehicles, the Rescue Bubble, Cargo plane, the Drone etc.

The CG Ice Wall is over 400 meters in height, and the total environment covers a 45km radius. With an environment so large PXO had to build an entirely new scene management pipeline and tools to handle the workload for this project. The Ice Canyon and The Ice Wall was made up of over 20 modules that were put together according to the needs of the environment.

The layout, structure, height and distances within the Shanghai City are all true and authentic – to realize this, the PXO team did a field aerial shooting in Shanghai.

PXO Credits Visual Effects Supervisor: Samir Ansari DFX Supervisor: Harry Lam Division Visual Effects Supervisor: Adam Figielski Visual Effects Producer: Iva Modrah Associate Visual Effects Producer: Elise Gong Division Visual Effects Producer: Nina Goeldner Division Associate Visual Effects Producer: Amelie Dillig Visual Effects Art Director: Joker Huang Visual Effects Production Manager: Bill Wang Visual Effects Executive Producer: Stella Li Senior Visual Effects Coordinator: Martina Taviano Visual Effects Coordinators: Gary Xi, V Li, Denny Que, Yadi Peng

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