The VFX of First Man – Redefining Shooting In-Camera By DNEG

The VFX of First Man – Redefining Shooting In-Camera By DNEG

DNEG’s Oscar-winning VFX Supervisor Paul Lambert and his brilliant VFX team take you behind the scenes as they explain how they helped director Damien Chazelle realise his vision for the epic biopic about legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong, the First Man to walk on the Moon.

Over the next two weeks, we are releasing five reels that feature all aspects of the visual effects techniques used for the movie’s production.

Discover how the First Man crew created subtle effects to achieve the movie’s cinéma vérité feel by using a blend of visual effects, special effects, NASA archival footage and scaled models to create an authentic 1960’s documentary look.

Part 1: The VFX of First Man – Redefining Shooting In-Camera

Part 2: The VFX of First Man – Out of this World – the Subtle VFX Magic behind First Man

With Tristan Myles, DNEG DFX Supervisor

Academy Award-nominated DFX Supervisor Tristan Myles shares details on the movie’s truly out-of-this-world visual effects. He delves into the many subtle VFX techniques used. This includes explaining how DNEG created 90 minutes of 4K full 360 degree spherical images for the gigantic LED screen, the climactic lunar sequence and how it was shot with 70mm IMAX cameras.

Part 3: The VFX of First Man – Mission Accomplished – the Production of an Epic Biopic

With Michelle Eisenreich, DNEG VFX Producer

Hear how Academy Award-winning VFX Producer Michelle Eisenreich (Blade Runner 2049) formed a team of highly talented artists and production members to accomplish Damien Chazelle’s unique vision of Neil Armstrong’s biopic. She also shares her secret for creating an award-winning production team

First Man VFX Featurette By DNEG

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