The Serpent-VFX Breakdown by Vine FX

The Serpent-VFX Breakdown by Vine FX

Vine FX are delighted to present a selection of before and afters, showcasing the visual effects work for the BBC & Netflix’s crime drama, The Serpent.

This was Vine’s third production during the lockdown of 2020. VFX work involved environment extensions, CG, green screen replacements, ageing treatment and integration of historical elements. A total of 500 shots was delivered for the series.

You can watch the series in full now, on BBC iPlayer.

Vine FX is a BAFTA and RTS nominated visual effects company in Cambridge founded by Michael Illingworth. Vine FX is successfully managing a team of in-house and remote artists throughout the pandemic and delivering work for shows like The Serpent (BBC/Netflix), War of the Worlds (Canal+/Fox), Soulmates (AMC), The One (Netflix) and Viewpoint (BBC)

VFX Done by VineFX

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