The Meg Previs Reel By Halon

The Meg Previs Reel By Halon

The Meg

On Meg we had the exciting opportunity of collaborating with Adrian de Wet, (VFX Supervisor) to craft a climactic scene in the film with Jon Turteltaub, (Director).  Orchestrating intense action with a mega-shark proved to be quite entertaining, from previs all the way through postvis. We were able to combine our previs animation and environments straight into the footage from production, allowing editorial to construct a solid foundation before handing it off to visual effects

The Meg – Previs Reel – Final

The Meg Previs Progression Reel – CTN

Halon Team Credits


Previs/Postvis Supervisor:

Ryan McCoy

Previs and Postvis Artists:

E. Bradley Alexander

Aaron Aikman

Samuel Baese

Alexandra Prescott Barlow

Sebastian Brown

Jason Choi

James Cordero

Carlos Dejesus

Karl Fornander

Maxmilian Funke

Ian Martin Ciputra Ie

Spencer Kelsey

Steve Kim

Paul Lada

Teresa Leong

Jess Marley

Andre Mercier

Grant Olin

Todd Patterson

Casey Pyke

Melissa Quintas

Clint G. Reagan

Ron Rhee

Jaime E. Riveros

Dionisio Shin

Mike Sill

Tefft Smith II

Kristin Marie Turnipseed

Alex Wolfe

Zachary Wong

Echo Wu

Travis Yee

Pierre Zah

Jerry Zigounakis

Producer:Patrice Avery

Associate Producer:Richard Enriquez

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