The Lion King -MPC Film’s Character Lab artists present at the ZBrush Summit

MPC Film’s

The presentation will focus on three character concepts and modeling from The Lion King film: Rafiki, Simba Cub and Scar and a second part with e environments sculpting. will cover MPC workflow, and demonstrate tips and tricks using the ZBrush files for each asset. Also, discuss the MPC pipeline in general, from the 3D concept to the final model.

MPC delivered about 1500 shots for Disney’s The Lion King.

MPC Film was involved with the project from its inception when MPC VFX Supervisor Adam Valdez began discussing evolving methodology with Favreau and Disney while they were wrapping up The Jungle Book campaign in October of 2016. From there, the vision began to take shape. Favreau wanted to create a new connection to a beloved story through a documentary-style sense of reality and a true representation of Africa. That directive would first take the team to Kenya on location scouting and data capture missions, before moving into virtual production and beyond through final VFX and Animation.

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