The Jungle Book VFX breakdown

The Jungle Book VFX breakdown

The Jungle Book VFX breakdown By MPC

As lead VFX studio on Disney’s The Jungle Book, MPC artists built a complex photo-real world creating The Jungle Book’s stunning CG environments and bringing the film’s iconic animal characters to life. Best friend Baloo the bear, Mowgli’s wolf family, Bagheera the panther, Kaa the python, and the villainous tiger Shere Khan would be built bone, skin, hair and whisker. 54 species of animals and 224 unique animals were created and new computer programs were made to better simulate muscles, skin and fur.

MPC ‘Naturalistic Effects’ of The Jungle Book VFX breakdown

MPC FX simulation team won a VES award for their beautiful “Naturalistic effects’ work on Disney’s The Jungle Book. In computer graphics, FX artists simulate physical phenomena such as fire and water, as well interactive elements such as debris, dust and atmospheric effects.

MPC ‘The Environments of The Jungle Book’

MPC ‘The Characters of The Jungle Book’

MPC working “On Set” for The Jungle Book

Baloo – VFX Breakdown

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