The Fate of the Furious VFX Breakdown

The Fate of the Furious VFX Breakdown

The Fate of the Furious 

Director: F. Gary Gray

VFX Done By 
Digital Domain VFX Supervisor: Jay Barton
Double Negative VFX Supervisor: Alex Wang
Rodeo FX
Rise FX
Cantina Creative VFX Supervisor: Tony Lupoi

Production VFX Supervisors are Mike Wassel and Kelvin McIlwain

The Fate of the Furious VFX Breakdown Done By DNEG

Double Negative’s final shot count was 443.had over 400 talented artists and production support across our facilities in Vancouver and Mumbai working on the project.

The Fate of the Furious VFX Breakdown Done By Rodeo FX

Rodeo was awarded three sequences in the film: the Berlin car chase featuring the wrecking ball stunt, the Ultramax prison sequence, and the giant warehouse headquarters seen throughout the film.

The Fate of the Furious VFX Breakdown Done By Rise

Rise worked on the end sequence showing the main cast barbecuing on a New York rooftop at sunset, which was shot completely on set. That includes two establishing shots into the sequence and one massively long (700 frames) and complex shot in the very end leading to the end credits. All the establishing shots were a mixture of plate projection and 3D buildings, all the close up shots,were pretty much straight forward A over B blue screen comp. In addition to that, we had one stand-alone shot flying towards the a secret military facility at night.

The Fate of the Furious VFX Breakdown Done By Cantina Creative

Cantina was responsible for designing and compositing an array of story specific graphics. The team worked closely with VFX Supervisors Mike Wassel and Kelvin McIlwain to develop compelling imagery to seamlessly compliment the story throughout the film. Over a 7-month period, we assembled a talented team of artists that delivered 280 final shots.

One of the many creative challenges was to build upon the established visual language of Furious 7, including design and integration work for Cipher’s aircraft command center, vehicle and binocular HUDs, monitors, phones, tablets and the reinvention of the God’s Eye device. Director F. Gary Grey stressed the importance of taking the established technology and cranking the needle to a fun and energizing level.

We are honored once again to collaborate with Universal on their latest installment of the renowned franchise. The Fast and Furious franchise continues to orchestrate action in new and inventive ways. The quality of the action filmmaking inspired our approach to developing the film’s visual language.

The Fate of the Furious VFX Breakdown Done By Pixomondo


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