Terminator – Dark Fate VFX Breakdown Digital Domain

Terminator – Dark Fate VFX Breakdown Digital Domain

Terminator – Dark Fate Jay Barton VFX Supervisor – Digital Domain

Digital Domain worked on 176 shots In this Project approximately 120 people working on this show 5 months Long taken for this

Digital Domain primarily worked on the factory fight between Grace and the Rev-9, which included background extensions for the car factory, Rev-9 Blade effects and stunt head replacements for both Grace and Gabriel– as well as a full Gabriel Digidouble. We also worked on the derelict building sequence where the Rev-9 catches up to our heroes and attacks/chases them both on foot and via helicopter in an abandoned industrial complex and the air battle sequence where we did the interiors of the C5 Galaxy fight between Grace, Arnold and the Rev-9. This fight required head replacements for stunt doubles as well as full Digi doubles for Sarah, Dani, Grace, Arnold, and Gabriel

The animation, look-dev, and lighting were all done in our Vancouver office. Environments and compositing were shared between our LA office and Vancouver, and a majority of tracking, roto and paint were done in our India office.

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