Swoon Movie VFX Breakdown

Swoon Movie VFX Breakdown

Swoon Movie VFX Breakdown VFX Done By Umedia VFX

Fire & Flames is a Swedish film from 2019, directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein . Mårlind has also written the script. The roles include Robert Gustafsson , Pernilla August , Helena af Sandeberg , Lennart Jähkel , Frida Gustavsson and Albin Grenholm .

The film takes place in Stockholm in 1940 and revolves around the competing amusement park families Nilsson and Lindgren, who owned Gröna Lund and Nöjesfältet at Djurgården respectively. It is a Romeo & Julia story, where Green Lund owner Gustaf Nilsson’s daughter Ninni Nilsson falls in love with the owner of the amusement park Johan Lindgren’s son John Lindgren .

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