Spider-Man: Far From Home VFX Breakdown By Image Engine VFX

Spider-Man: Far From Home Peter Parker’s relaxing European vacation takes an unexpected turn when Nick Fury shows up in his hotel room to recruit him for a mission. The world is in danger as four massive elemental creatures — each representing Earth, air, water, and fire — emerge from a hole torn in the universe. Parker soon finds himself donning the Spider-Man suit to help Fury and fellow superhero Mysterio stop the evil entities from wreaking havoc across the continent.

Director: Jon Watts

VFX Done By : Framestore / Industrial Light & Magic
Image Engine / Sony Pictures Imageworks / Luma Pictures / Rising Sun Pictures / Scanline VFX / Territory Studio / Method Studios

VFX Breakdown Done By Image Engine

Image Engine has done 215 shots. the team contributed to Spider-Man: Far From Home including a procedural CG environment featuring hundreds of thousands of tulips; key assets such as the Stark Jet, drone, and satellite; and the Spider-Man suit building workshop.

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