Shanghai Fortress VFX and Motion Graphic Reel By Territory Studio

Shanghai Fortress VFX and Motion Graphic Reel By Territory Studio

Shanghai Fortress VFX and Motion Graphic reel. Territory designed and concepted graphic interfaces and holographic displays created opening titles and delivered over 160 VFX shots for Chinese blockbuster

Simon Carr, VFX Supervisor at Territory Studio

“The general design approach to the Command Centre followed the idea that it has been built fairly rapidly and with existing technology, so is a combination of older tech and contemporary developments. Our task was to provide a design that felt plausible as near-future, whilst allowing for the additional capabilities of an alien power source.”

Territory Studio -Initially approached to supply design and concept work for graphic interfaces and holographic displays, the project quickly evolved to include VFX and titles for this 2019 Chinese blockbuster

Working with Phenom Films, the brief was to produce a look that felt appropriate to the futuristic military and impending alien invasion style setting, whilst retaining the high graphic design quality, for which we are known. With the concept underway, we were then asked to work on several sequences for the graphic interfaces we’d designed. Shanghai Fortress demonstrates our VFX and motion graphics teams’ talent and our studio’s extended capability to deliver a project from concept through to final comp.

Working in a 3D environment, we redesigned and replaced the center of the set with a CG set element, added a holographic city map and shield-state display, and ran multi-layer control scenes on command chairs around the set’s perimeter.

Having full control of the 3D environment, we were able to match the depth of field, defocus style and allow elements to interact with the lens across over 150 shots.

Adapted from the classic novel by Jiang Nan, the logo and title concepts were led by the story’s ‘last line of defense against an alien invasion’ theme. Hinting at what’s to come, we use inspiration from key elements in the story. Starting with the shield that protects Shanghai, we move through the various threats to humanity, from the alien Annihilators and Mother Ship and eventually to the Holy Vine Crystals, the source of the conflict.

We developed a monochromatic, highly stylized aesthetic to create a beautiful serene sequence with sinister undertones to lead into the film.

Shanghai Fortress VFX and Motion Graphic Reel By Territory Studio. Click the Picture below to watch the reel

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