SEE VFX Breakdown VFX Done By  Folks VFX

SEE VFX Breakdown VFX Done By Folks VFX

Directed by Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games trilogy, Red Sparrow, I Am Legend), See is an epic drama launching on Apple TV+ alongside the new streaming platform.

See stars, Jason Momoa, as Baba Voss and is set in the future where humans have lost their eyesight and must adapt to survive. But the future hangs in the balance when a set of twins are born with sight.

VFX Done By Folks VFX

TV Series – Season 1

FOLKS VFX Mandate:
Digital Set extension
3D Environments
CG Destruction
Matte painting
Assets creation; vegetation

Sébastien Bergeron
Laurent Spillemaecker

Alexandra Vaillancourt

See” VFX Breakdown -season 1

“See” (season 1), presented for 2020 VES Awards for Outstanding Supporting VFX in a Photoreal Episode category

The entire season featured 3000 VFX shots by over 900 talented artists at Framestore, Pixomondo, Ghost, Outpost, Mr. X, Folks, Mels, Method, Soho, Incessant Rain, Spin, & Lola, working in 7 different cities across the world for over a year.

VFX supervisor: Adrian de Wet
VFX producer: Eve Fizzinoglia

“See” is a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi story set 600 years in the future, starring Jason Momoa & Alfre Woodard. All 8 episodes were available to stream now on the AppleTV+ app.

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