Rodeo FX Master Showreel

Rodeo FX Master Showreel

Rodeofx close to 600 artists in Montreal, Quebec, Munich and Los Angeles work on acclaimed films, groundbreaking series, unforgettable ads and beyond. We create hyper realistic cinematic experiences that convey our clients’ vision on all screens.

We are an agile and uncomplicated studio. We celebrate entrepreneurship and value efficiency, yet we are completely immersed in our work and relentless about getting the details right. We simplify the complex by mastering top technologies, developing innovative tools, and by knowing when to apply traditional approaches.

Inspired by the VFX masterpieces of our childhood, we push the limits of visual effects and give clients the freedom to dream big. Our enthusiasm and experienced artistry redefine what is possible to bring to the screen and drive us to exceed all expectations from our clients, our audiences and ourselves.

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