Renegades VFX Breakdown

Renegades VFX Breakdown

RISE Visual Effects Studios 

RISE delivered over 500 shots in native 4K resolution. Divers in wide shots are all animated digital doubles and fully CG, just like everything else on screen. Closer shots of the cast in a pool required full rotoscoping as well as simulation and rendering of bubbles from their breathing apparatus plus floating plankton particles surrounding them.

In the final showdown bombs go off and cause the submerged church to collapse. This simulation not only required intense rigid body simulations for the bricks but also special setups for underwater dust and particulate. One of the key shots shows the cast jumping out of a plane, a set build and transition into a fully digital shot that keeps on going until we end up in a wide establisher of the underwater scenery.

VFX Supervisor and RISE CCO Markus Degen

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