Real-time virtual CG set for the Prime Rewind Inside The Boys tv-series.

Virtual Set Real-time virtual CG set for the Prime Rewind Inside The Boys tv-series work done by Tigrelab, a Barcelona-based creative studio focused on new media art. 

This project was an amazing challenge that was made in 4 weeks during the lockdown. We created an immersive virtual CG set for our host. Displayed through Notch and Touchdesigner in real-time on three 4K LED wall & floor panels. Thanks to this new virtual production technology we can eliminate the need for a green screen, reducing the number of crew required to be present on set and months of intense post-production.

Embassy Row

Set Design & Show Package

Exec. Creative Directors
Alex Topaller
Daniel Shapiro

Dustin Pownall
Alex Topaller

Show Package Creative Directors
Alex Mikhaylov
Max Chelyadnikov
Show Package Art Director
Alex Mikhalyov
Show Package CG Supervisor
Max Chelyadnikov
Show Package 3D Artists
Dmitriy Paukov
Roman Senko
Filipp Gorbachev
Show Package Lighting
Filipp Gorbachev
Max Chelyadnikov
Show Package FX TD
Daniil Rybkin
Show Package 2D Artists
Nikita Shapovalov,
Mikhail Ivanov
Show Package Compositing
Max Chelyadnikov

Post Producers
Won Cha
Art Direction
Mathieu Felix
Federico Gonzalez
Javier Pinto
Notch Artist
Antonio Nieto
3D Artists
Antonio Nieto
J.A. Duran
Vanesa Palmeri

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