Pongal Celebrations at Basilic Fly Studio

Pongal Celebrations at Basilic Fly Studio

13-01-2023: January is always a special month that brings with it new beginnings and hopes. The month is all the more special for the artists of Basilic Fly Studio, who celebrated Pongal with great spirit. 

Traditional Kolam adorning the premise. Office surroundings filled with garlands, sugarcanes, and flowers. The harvest festival’s celebration took center stage here at Basilic Fly Studio.

Pongalo Pongal

There was a nuance of excitement mixed with eagerness. Artists were getting ready for the games. After photoshoots and entertaining chatters, the highlight of the celebration started – “Uri Adithal”, a traditional pot-hitting challenge. 

Pots filled with chocolates, eyes blindfolded, one long stick, three chances, pot pulled out of reach by other members of the group – all these led to a fun-filled and joyous competition. The game drew much participation and encouraging applause from the crowd. 

The games had their highest applause when the participants showcased their strength in battling ”Tug of war”. The entire audience was cheering for one team or the other, jumping and bouncing with energy.

Finally, Pongal was distributed to all. It was a sweet finish to a delicious day. The celebration had indeed spread a wave of love, light, and laughter!

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